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Summer Reading: Program and Evidence (Allyn and Bacon 2007)
Fay Shin and Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2015-06-03

A short, narrow and biased introduction to statistics
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2015-06-10

Under Attack: The Case Against Bilingual Education (Culver City: Language Education Associates (Out of Print))
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2015-04-13

Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition
Stephen D. Krashen
Posted: 2004-03-20

Second Language Acquisition and Second Language Learning (1981)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2003-02-16


Literacy: Phonemic Awareness and Phonics

Literacy: Free Voluntary Reading

Literacy: Writing

Common Core, National Reading Panel, NCLB

Bilingual Education

Language Acquisition


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Summer Reading: Program and Evidence (2007)
Stephen Krashen with Fay Shin
Posted: 2013-10-31

English Learners in American Classrooms (2007)
Stephen Krashen with James Crawford
Posted: 2013-10-31

Free Voluntary Reading (2011)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2013-10-31

The Power of Reading (Second Edition, 2004)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2004-09-22

Explorations in Language Acquisition and Use: The Taipei Lectures. (2003)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2003-02-16


Intermediate Fluency Fast
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2017-07-06

88 Generalizations about Free Voluntary Reading
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2004-11-21

Latest Articles

Language Acquisition
The effects and efficiency of hearing stories on vocabulary acquisition by students of German as a second foreign language in Japan. (2009. The Indonesian Journal of English Language Teaching, 5(1), 1-14.)
Mason, B., Vanata, M., Jander, K., Borsch, R., & Krashen, S.      Posted: 2017-10-12

Literacy: Free Voluntary Reading
Sustained silent reading in foreign language education: An update (TOJELT 2017 2:70-73)
Stephen Krashen and Beniko Mason      Posted: 2017-10-06

Language Acquisition
The Case for Comprehensible Input (Language Magazine, 2017)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2017-07-26

Award Acceptance Speech (NTPRS, San Antonio, 2017)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2017-07-17

The intermediate level (Fluency Fast presentation, July 2017)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2017-07-14

Literacy: Free Voluntary Reading
Self-selected reading and TOEIC performance: Evidence from case histories. (2017. Shitennoji University Bulletin, 63, 469-475.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2017-05-13

Language Acquisition
Noticing in a second language: A critical review (Second Language Research 14(2):103-135. 1998)
John Truscott      Posted: 2017-03-16

Language Acquisition without Speaking and without Study. (Journal of Research of Bilingual Educaiton Research and Instruction 16(1): 215-221. 2014.)
CHristy Lao and Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2017-02-23

The potential of technology: in language acquisition (In Leung, Yin-nam (Ed.) Epoch Making in English Language Teaching and Learning. 25th Interntional Symposium on English Teaching, English Teachers Association, Republic of China, pp 255-263.)
Krashen, S., Wang, F.Y. and Lee, S.Y      Posted: 2016-12-26

Compelling Readng and Problem-Solving: The Easy Way (And the Only Way) to High Levels of Language, Literacy, and Life Competence. (In Leung, Yiu-nam (Ed.), Epoch Making in English Language Teaching and Learning, Twenty-fifth International Symposium on English Teaching, English Teachers' Association, Republic of China. pp. 115-125.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2016-11-24

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