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Summer Reading: Program and Evidence (Allyn and Bacon 2007)
Fay Shin and Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2015-06-03

Explorations in Language Acquisition and Use chapter one (Heinemann)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2020-01-04

English Fever (Taipei: Crane Publishing Co. 2006)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2019-08-25

English Fever (Taipei: Crane Publishing Co. 2006)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2019-08-25

English Fever (Taipei: Crane Publishing Co. 2006)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2019-08-25

English Fever (Taipei: Crane Publishing Co. 2006)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2019-08-25

The Natural Approach: Language Acquisition in the Classroom (Alemany 1983)
Stephen Krashen and Tracy Terrell
Posted: 2018-02-19

A short, narrow and biased introduction to statistics
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2015-06-10

Under Attack: The Case Against Bilingual Education (Culver City: Language Education Associates (Out of Print))
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2015-04-13

Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition
Stephen D. Krashen
Posted: 2004-03-20

Second Language Acquisition and Second Language Learning (1981)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2003-02-16


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English Fever (Taipei: Crane Publishing Co. 2006)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2019-08-25

Summer Reading: Program and Evidence (2007)
Stephen Krashen with Fay Shin
Posted: 2013-10-31

English Learners in American Classrooms (2007)
Stephen Krashen with James Crawford
Posted: 2013-10-31

Free Voluntary Reading (2011)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2013-10-31

The Power of Reading (Second Edition, 2004)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2004-09-22

Explorations in Language Acquisition and Use: The Taipei Lectures. (2003)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2003-02-16


what about writing? (handout)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2020-05-20

conduit hypothesis handout (presented at mittenCI 2019)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2019-04-28

Intermediate Fluency Fast
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2017-07-06

88 Generalizations about Free Voluntary Reading
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2004-11-21

Articles By Topic

Language Acquisition
Why Don't Educators, Scholars, and the Media Pay Attention to the Research? Comments on Lichtman and VanPatten (Foreign Language Annals in press)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2021-07-10

Does anyone finish the Berlitz tapes? (IJFLT4(1); 2-5, 2008)
Jeff McQuillan      Posted: 2020-01-15

The availability of conscious knowledge (Foreign Language Annalls 49(3):635-636 2016)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2019-12-29

Optimal Input (Presentation University of Isfahan)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2019-12-25

FAST TRACK (In Kimbal, Jake and Shaffer, David (Eds.).KOTESOL Proceedings, 2018. Published in 2019. Korea TESOL: Korea. pp. 6-10.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2019-10-22

Parent Support for English (Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology)
KS Cho and S Krashen      Posted: 2019-05-23

An error analysis of an advanced ESL learner: The importance of the Monitor. (Working Papers on Bilingualism 7: 125-129.)
Stephen Krashen and Pauline Pon      Posted: 2019-04-29

Lateralization, language learning, and the critical period. (Language Learning 23: 63-74. 1973)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2019-04-07

Academic proficiency (language and content) and the role of strategies (TESOL Journal 2,4. (2011))
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2019-04-06

Is there a "natural sequence" in adult second language learning? (1974 Language Learning 24: 235-243)
Nathalie Bailey, Carolyn Madden, and Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2019-04-06

Direct teaching of vocabulary? (Journal of English Language Teaching 61 (1): 9-13.)
Stephen Krashen and Beniko Mason      Posted: 2019-03-21

A note on comprehension checking (Journal of English Language Teaching 61 (1): 22-24.)
Stephen Krashen and Beniko Mason      Posted: 2019-03-20

Direct Teaching of Vocabulary? (Journal of English Language Teaching 61 (1): 9-13.)
Stephen Krashen and Beniko Mason      Posted: 2019-03-20

Direct teaching of vocabulary? (Journal of English Language Teaching 61 (1): 9-13.)
Stephen Krashen and Beniko Mason      Posted: 2019-03-20

Hypothesis: A Class Supplying Rich Comprehensible Input is More Effective and Efficient than “Immersion” (2019 IBU Journal of Educational Research and Practice, 7: 83-89.)
Beniko Mason and Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2019-02-13

A Fulfilling Journey of Language Acquisition via Story Listening and Reading: A Case of an Adult Scholar (Language and Language Teaching vol 8, number 1, issue 15, 1-15. 2019)
Sy-Ying Lee      Posted: 2019-02-02

Some New Terminology: Comprehension-Aiding Supplementation and Form-Focusing Supplementation (Language Learning and Teaching 60/6. 12-13, 2018)
Stephen Krashen, Beniko Mason and Ken Smith      Posted: 2019-01-26

Down with Forced Speech (In Leung, Y-N, Katchen, J., Hwang, S-Y, & Chen, Yulin (Eds.). Reconceptualizing English Language Teaching in the 21st Century. Taiwan: ETA-ROC, Crane Publishing Company. pp: 99-106.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2018-11-10

The 40 years war (The English Connection Vol 22, #3: 6-7. 2018)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2018-10-01

The comprehension hypothesis and its rivals (Selected papers from the Eleventh International Symposium on English Teaching/Fourth Pan-Asian Conference. English Teachers Association/ROC. pp. 395-404. 2002.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2018-09-24

Language Parents for Second Language Acquisition (International Journal of Foreign Language Education, 7(3): 2 (2012))
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2018-09-18

Do students like what is good for them? (International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching 2008. 4(2):19-20)
C. Lao and S. Krashen      Posted: 2018-09-05

Story Time (Language Magazine, July 2018)
Yunlin Shi and Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2018-08-11

Polyglots and the Comprehension Hypothesis. (Turkish Online Journal of English Language Teaching (TOJELT), 2(3), 113-119. 2017)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2018-06-19

Sheltered subject matter teaching. (Cross Currents 18: 183-188. 1991)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2018-03-22

Who invented comprehensible input? (International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching 12(2): 32-33. 2017)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2018-01-11

The inner game of tennis and language acquisition (From: Krashen, S. 1978. ESL as post-critical period learning. MEXTESOL Journal 2: 13-24. 1978.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2018-01-05

The effects and efficiency of hearing stories on vocabulary acquisition by students of German as a second foreign language in Japan. (2009. The Indonesian Journal of English Language Teaching, 5(1), 1-14.)
Mason, B., Vanata, M., Jander, K., Borsch, R., & Krashen, S.      Posted: 2017-10-12

The Case for Comprehensible Input (Language Magazine, 2017)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2017-07-26

Noticing in a second language: A critical review (Second Language Research 14(2):103-135. 1998)
John Truscott      Posted: 2017-03-16

Language Acquisition without Speaking and without Study. (Journal of Research of Bilingual Educaiton Research and Instruction 16(1): 215-221. 2014.)
CHristy Lao and Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2017-02-23

The potential of technology: in language acquisition (In Leung, Yin-nam (Ed.) Epoch Making in English Language Teaching and Learning. 25th Interntional Symposium on English Teaching, English Teachers Association, Republic of China, pp 255-263.)
Krashen, S., Wang, F.Y. and Lee, S.Y      Posted: 2016-12-26

Applying the Comprehension Hypothesis: Some Suggestions (International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching 1:23-29, 2004.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2016-11-18

Factors in the acquisition of the present subjunctive in Spanish: The role of reading and study. (ITL: Review of Applied Linguistics 121-122:19-25. 1998.)
Stokes, J., Krashen, S., and Kartchner, J.      Posted: 2015-09-24

TPRS: Contributions, Problems, New Frontiers, and Issues (Presentation, NTPRS, July 20, 2015)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2015-07-21

The end of motivation (New Routes, vol 55: 34-35. 2015)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2015-06-19

The Ecstacy Hypothesis (Peerspectives, 14: 7-9, 2015.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2015-04-14

Does Duolingo Trump University-Level Language Learning? (International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching 9(1):13-15, 2014)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2015-04-11

Does SIOP research support SIOP claims? (International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching. 8,1: 11-24. 2013.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2015-03-12

Review of: Research Summary and Bibliography for Structured English Immersion Programs of the Arizona English Language Learners Task Force (In Ariaz, B. and Faltis, C. (Eds.) Implementing Educational Language Policy in Arizona. Bristol: Multilingual Matters. pp: 107-118. 2012.)
Krashen, S., MacSwan, J. and Rolstad, K.      Posted: 2015-03-02

Is first language use in the foreign language classroom a good idea? It depends. (International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching 2(1): 9. 2006)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2015-02-23

Notes on a polyglot: Lomb Kato (System 24: 207-210, 1996.)
Natalie Kiss and Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2015-02-09

Response to McLaughlin, "The Monitor Model: Some methodological considerations." (Language Learning 29: 151-167. 1979)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2015-02-05

Is CALL Obsolete? Language Acquisition and Language Learning Revisited in a Digital Age (TESL-EJ 17(4), 2014)
Jarvis, H. and Krashen, S.      Posted: 2015-02-04

Individual variation in the use of the Monitor. (In W. Ritchie (Ed.) Principles of Second Language Learning. New York: Academic Press. pp. 175-183. 1978.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2015-01-29

Letter to the editor: The Din in the Head hypothesis: A response to de Bot (2008). (Modern Language Journal 92(3): 349. 2008.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2015-01-29

The din in the head, input, and the language acquisition device. (Foreign Language Annals 16: 41-44. 1983.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2015-01-29

Involuntary rehearsal of second languages in beginning and advanced performers. (System 14: 275-278.)
Parr, P. and Krashen, S.      Posted: 2015-01-29

TPR: Still a very good idea (novELTy (A Journal of English Language Teaching and Cultural Studies in Hungary) 5(4): 82-85. 1998.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2015-01-27

Language Shyness (In S. Krashen, L. Tse, and J. McQuillan (Eds.) Heritage Language Development. Culver City: Language Education Associates. pp. 41-49. 1998.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2015-01-23

The Pleasure Hypothesis (In J. Alatis (Ed.) Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics. Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press. pp. 299-322. 1994.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2014-12-16

Remarks on Language Acquisition and Literacy (Prepared for the Roundtable Discussion on English Teaching in Hong Kong. Bring Me a Book, Hong Kong, October 13, 2014)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2014-10-16

Can we increase the power of reading by adding communicative output activities? (RELC Journal 45(2): 211-212)
S. Krashen, B. Mason, and K. Smith      Posted: 2014-09-07

Second Language Acquisition: Theory, Applications, and Some Conjectures (Cambridge University Press)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2014-05-28

Newmark's 'Ignorance hypothesis' and current second language acquisition theory (In: S. Gass & L. Selinker (Eds.) Language Transfer in Language Learning. Newbury House. 1983. pp. 135-153/e)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2014-05-28

The comprehension hypothesis and animal language
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2014-02-28

The Case for Non-Targeted, Comprehensible Input (Journal of Bilingual Education Research & Instruction)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2014-02-25

The Compelling (not just interesting) Input Hypothesis. (The English Connection (KOTESOL). 15, 3: 1 (2011))
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2013-12-31

A conjecture on accent in a second language (in Z. Lengyel, J. Navracsics, and O. Simon (Eds.) 1997. Applied Linguistic Studies in Central Europe, vol 1. Department of Applied Linguistics, University of Veszprem, Hungary.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2013-12-17

The effect of direct instruction on pronunication: Only evident when conditions for Monitor use are met? (GIST Education and Research Journal 7: 271-275. 2013)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2013-12-17

Does SIOP research support SIOP claims? (International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching 8(1):11-24, 2013))
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2013-11-19

Dupuy, B. and Krashen, S. 1998. From lower-division to upper-division foreign language classes: Obstacles to reaching the promised land. (ITL: Review of Applied Linguistics 119-120: 1-7.)
Beatrice Dupuy and Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2013-11-12

The Case for Narrow Listening (S. Krashen, 1996, System 24 (1): 97-100)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2013-01-27

How much comprehensible input did Heinrich Schliemann get? (S. Krashen, 1991, System, vol. 19 (3): 189-190.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2013-01-27

Rosetta Stone: Does not provide compelling input, research reports at best suggestive, conflicting reports on users’ attitudes. (Stephen Krashen; International Journal of Foreign Language Education, 2013, vol. 8,1)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2013-01-27

Seeking a Justification for Skill-Building (S. Krashen. In: Proceedings of the 19th Annual KOTESOL International Conference, Seoul, Korea, 2011)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2012-12-01

The Comprehension Hypothesis Extended (Stephen Krashen, In T. Piske and M. Young-Scholten (Eds.) Input Matters in SLA. Bristol: Multilingual Matters. pp. 81-94.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2012-11-18

How is Cosmo Acquiring English? (Stephen Krashen Language Magazine, July 2012)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2012-10-28

The Compelling Input Hypothesis
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2011-08-06

The Din in the Head hypothesis: Comments on de Bot (2008)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2008-06-03

What is Academic Language Proficiency? (In press, STETS Language and Communication Review (Singapore Tertiary English Teachers' Society))
Stephen Krashen and Clara Lee Brown      Posted: 2007-08-05

Comprehensible Output (1998; System 26: 175-182)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2006-12-28

What Does it Take to Acquire Language? (2000; ESL Magazine 3(3): 22-23)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2006-12-28

Dealing with English Fever (2003; In Selected Papers from the Twelfth International Symposium on English Teaching. English Teachers' Association/ROC, a. Taipei: Crane Publishing Company. pp. 100-108)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2006-12-28

Why support a delayed-gratification approach to language education? (2004; The Language Teacher, 28(7), 3-7)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2006-12-28

Applying the Comprehension Hypothesis: Some Suggestions (2004; International Journal of Language Teaching. 1: 21-29)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2006-12-28

Second Language "Standards For Success": Out Of Touch With Language Acquisition Research (2005; International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching 1(2): 12-16)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2006-12-28

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